a piece of nobody in nobody's language

Show who you are
Get what you want
Say good morning
Good afternoon
Good night
Get a job
Pay the bills
Make love
Do all it in a language that does not live in you.

Be half of yourself
or if you are lucky: be two thirds of yourself
dia sim e dia também
open your mouth to throw just pieces of what you really think

learn how to lie in this new language

there is always a place where you can NOT go

enjoy the fact that you do not dominate this language
accept the truth
you do not dominate any language
no one really does

the language is always a wild and uncontrollable animal
and we are just its food

there are languages that inhabit the margin of your life

there are places where people are more or less prepared to receive the color of your skin
the smell of your body
and your first lies

here is not one of this places
just accept it and get over

they throw stones on the ones that complain

ps: these is not a complain, it is just a piece of life. a momentum of me, in an idiom that it is not mine or yours. This is a piece of nobody in nobody's language.


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