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to be in love vs. 'having' someone

 Being in love and having someone not the same thing, doll to open your legs and moan in the right way might be a ticket to having someone that will keep you warm but to feel truly alive the type of aliveness that does not depend on having enough potatoes in your belly then you need to be in love at least once I can see on your pallid face that you do not understand why I will explain to be in love is your ticket to truly become a part of the world Is by being in love that you can transcend yourself you can move on from this small, self-centered you and become a part of the collective world and don’t get me wrong you do not need to be in love with one man or one person you can be in love with trees or with the world or with a cause or with a person to be in love is to be so involved, so taken by someone or something else than yourself that for a moment you forget all the small questions related to the size of your sex, the right measurements of your body or your personal achievements s

love in an unkwon language

  it seems appropriate to approach love in a language that you don’t know it is exactly that every time you are invited to this dance a fun dance it seems like  in the beginning and you do not know where you are supposed to put your feet or your heart, or your hair, or your sex, or your bank account it is not that there are no directions at all you could choose to follow the porn school or what they teach in the so called women’s magazine but if you decide to embrace it truly without cheating then there is no preparation you can never really know how you and the other will happen the relation that you will draw together is a gift most likely a light one in the beginning beginnings of love have this tendency to be carried away by that strong animal smell you just want to find a place to belong later on, things tend to get more complicated to find the balance between the overrated freedom and the equally overrated love is not easy most people set