love in an unkwon language


it seems appropriate to approach love in a language that you don’t know

it is exactly that

every time

you are invited to this dance

a fun dance it seems like 

in the beginning

and you do not know where you are supposed to put your feet

or your heart, or your hair, or your sex, or your bank account

it is not that there are no directions at all

you could choose to follow the porn school

or what they teach in the so called women’s magazine

but if you decide to embrace it truly

without cheating

then there is no preparation

you can never really know how you and the other will happen

the relation that you will draw together is a gift

most likely a light one in the beginning

beginnings of love have this tendency to be carried away by that strong animal smell

you just want to find a place to belong

later on, things tend to get more complicated

to find the balance between the overrated freedom and the equally overrated love is not easy

most people settle for the boring life

in which both love and freedom die

the living room is taking over by the big sofa and the big tv

and we become that stranger that no longer remembers that love is not supposed to be familiar

instead it is this foreigner, strange

 this strange thing that carry us from ourselves 

into the world



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