to be in love vs. 'having' someone

 Being in love and having someone

not the same thing, doll
to open your legs and moan in the right way might be a ticket to having someone that will keep you warm
but to feel truly alive
the type of aliveness that does not depend on having enough potatoes in your belly
then you need to be in love at least once
I can see on your pallid face that you do not understand why
I will explain

to be in love is your ticket to truly become a part of the world
Is by being in love that you can transcend yourself
you can move on from this small, self-centered you
and become a part of the collective world
and don’t get me wrong
you do not need to be in love with one man or one person
you can be in love with trees
or with the world
or with a cause
or with a person
to be in love is to be so involved, so taken by someone or something else than yourself that for a moment you forget all the small questions related to the size of your sex, the right measurements of your body or your personal achievements
suddenly you cannot forget that there is so much more
there is this energy
this life
that dances inside of you
but is also a part of the world
and because you are in love you feel this urgency to let this energy exist
you need to move and let it see places and faces and possibilities
you expand
you bring good into the world without even thinking about it
to have someone on the other hand
is more like a useless exercise to try to avoid the existential fear of dying alone
it is a lie
we will all die alone
no matter what 

and people are not to be possessed


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