a dance with insufficient categories

I want to challenge categories 

and the border between the private and the public

what do I say when I put 'almost' in front of poems? 

I write almost poems

what do you hear when you listen to me saying that? 

recently I realized that I went back to poetry because of my current struggle with categories 

each word is somehow a category 

some more narrow than others 

at the same time that they are what we have in place to try to explain who we are in this world, they are always so limited 

when I try to say something in a poetic way I feel that there is less constraint 

I feel that maybe perhaps you will be able to listen to at least the traces of what I actually have to say

but is it true that words are all that we have to try to explain ourselves to one another?

how about the feelings? the gestures? the colors? the sea? the mountains? the rain? and the power of our dance? 


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