a poem response to "This is just to say" by Willian Carlos Willians

This is Just to Say - The Reading Parent 


“This is just to say” said Willian Carlos Willians
it is never just to say, for us
you pretend that equality is a given
but my skin knows a different story
no one gave you permission to eat my plums
nevertheless, you, as so many others
believe that somehow
you were born with the right to not take me seriously

I repeat my days dancing the role of the lovely homely female other
I try so hard to take care of you
I spend too many hours building a fragile home for you to be big and whole
I will say again that there is no problem
You had the right to eat the plums
You did not have to ask anyway
I will repeat the lie stuck on my skin
I will pretend to be this smaller me
I will play the role of the lovely wife
and disappear another centimeter
without you noticing it

the plums were not yours
I wish Kali could hold my hand and give me the strengths to scream
instead I will replace the plums
in case your hunger needs more


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